Running risks is second nature to doing business. Some risks are fun and exciting, while others are tough cookies requiring a specialist’s attention. At Herenvest, we do this via our Risk Scan. Practical and structured. In addition, Herenvest also offers Risk Management, a method for evaluating developments and increasing risk awareness. Everything for the continuity of your business.

Risk scan: which risks are serious?

As an entrepreneur, you have a vision and a mission. Clear goals and clear choices determine your course of action. You will experience opportunities and challenges on a daily basis which may have a major impact on your business operations. Some risks, known or not, can seriously endanger continuity. That is why it is good to sift through all the risks in a structured way.

The Herenvest risk manager will make an inventory of all the risks together with you. You will receive advice on preventive measures after this risk scan. What actions do you need to take? What risks can be insured, or perhaps even borne, by you? Compared to an average insurance portfolio, this results in sharper premiums and better conditions.


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Risk management: grip on the case

Managing risks as much as possible. This is the key to continuity in any business. And because your world is constantly changing, it is important to evaluate the risks on a regular basis. Working on continuity is therefore a continuous process. Herenvest’s risk management assists in this and ensures a corporate culture with greater risk awareness.

It is our experience that companies that are active in risk management achieve higher returns. Herenvest’s risk manager provides insight into your risk management process and manages it where necessary.


Insuring liability. This covers the financial consequences of damage for which you are held liable. By your relations, suppliers or employees, for example.

In addition to general liability insurance, there are also insurances that provide cover for certain areas of liability, such as:

– Carrier liability
– Product liability
– Environmental liability
– Professional liability

Insuring company buildings

Your own business premises represent an enormous value for your company. In the event of a fire or storm, for example, much of it is lost. As a result, the survival of your business may be in jeopardy.

An up-to-date prevention plan and a consequential loss insurance are excellent instruments to guarantee the continuity of your business as much as possible.

This is especially true for companies that depend on the production process, and it is important to take measures to protect that process.

Insuring against loss of profits

Limits the financial risks of damage events such as fire, explosion, burglary or water damage.

If the loss of profits is accompanied by a reduction or stagnation in production, this insurance covers the financial consequences. This is not an unnecessary luxury: research shows that half of the companies that are confronted with a major fire go bankrupt because they have not taken out business indemnity insurance.

The Netherlands is an extremely interesting country for hackers to attack. Nowhere else are the internet facilities at such a high level.

Burglary of ICT systems and loss of business data: data burglary represents a significant financial risk for all companies. No less than 98 percent of the entrepreneurs have to deal with it.

The Cyber Insurance insures your company against the consequences of hacking, system intrusion, data loss, data theft and cyber attacks.

Inventory and goods

Eliminates financial damage caused by fire or theft.

The cover covers just about everything that can be moved within the company. Anything that is screwed tight is covered by the company building insurance.

Leave due to sickness is a major financial risk for employers. If an employee is absent for a long period of time, the costs may increase considerably.

You can simply finance the continued payment obligation from the current resources of your business operations. But it is also possible to take out sickness absence insurance. This allows you to fully control the financial consequences of absenteeism. In addition, it provides cover for indirect wage damage: replacement, training, reintegration and sick leave.

All your insurances in one place.

Herenvest takes care of all your private insurances and manages them for you without you having to worry about them. One phone call, and we’ll make sure you’re insured immediately. From Car to Health.

Due to differences of opinion, business agreements can lead to a legal dispute. Avoid the costs of such a conflict becoming too high.

The insurer provides cover in kind. You will receive legal aid from legal specialists. Proceedings are carried out if necessary.

In traffic, you, your employees and your goods are at risk. Your company may suffer considerable damage, both material and immaterial.

A transport insurance is recommended for companies that regularly or occasionally transport goods or have them transported. A one-off shipment can be insured separately. If you regularly transport goods with your own transport, you can opt for your own transport insurance.

Companies with one or more company cars are obliged to cover the Civil Liability Risk in any case. Naturally, complementary coverage could be arranged as well. A collective contract in which several company cars are accommodated leads to lower premiums.

Transport insurance may also cover risks of damage, loss or theft from commercial vehicles.


In addition to continuity, Herenvest also stands for prosperity. Read more about financial planning and employment conditions.